Battery Note

Notes on Battery Disposal
In connection with the distribution of batteries or the delivery of equipment containing batteries, we are obliged to inform you of the following: 
You are legally obliged to return used batteries as end users. You can return used batteries, which we have as new batteries in the range or have led, free of charge to our shipping warehouse (shipping address). The symbols shown on the batteries have the following meaning: 
The crossed-out wheeled bin symbol indicates that the battery must not be disposed of with household waste. 
Pb = battery contains more than 0.004 mass% lead 
Cd = battery contains more than 0.002 mass% cadmium
Hg = battery contains more than 0.0005% by mass of mercury. 

Special features

regarding the sale of starter batteries In connection with the sale of vehicle batteries , as far as end consumers are concerned, under § 10 BattG we are obliged to charge a per vehicle battery deposit of 7.50 Euro including value added tax, if you purchased a new vehicle battery at the time of purchase do not return a used vehicle battery. The deposit is not included in the purchase price and will be shown next to the final price on the item. 
If you return a vehicle waste battery from us, which we have according to § 9 BattG as a new battery in the range or have led, we are required by law to take them back for free and to refund the deposit.
Insofar as we have issued a pledge in accordance with section 10 (1) sentence 3 BattG, the refund of the pledge upon return of the used vehicle battery is dependent on the return of the pledge. 
Drop off location is listed in the Contacts address. 
A return of the waste battery by post is not permitted due to the dangerous goods ordinance. 
Alternatively, used batteries can be returned to waste recycling centers free of charge. The pledge we levy is 
not refunded by the public recycling and recycling centers. However, you have the option of acknowledging the return of the old vehicle battery on the token. Upon presentation of the acknowledged token, you will receive back the battery deposit from us.

Please note the above instructions.